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Incredible blossoms and leaves, standing 1 to 7 feet out of the water, permeate the garden with thir heady perfume.  After the third day of bloom the petals fall, revealing another develpment-the strong and distinctive, maturing seedpod.

*Colors available this season: Pink, Red, Versicolor(changes color) & White. 

*Blossoms for 6 to 8 weeks during the mid-summer.

*Grow in zones 4 to 11, except Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Winter hardy perennials.

*All are full sun preferring 5 to 6 hours of direct sun. 

*Require 2 to 4 inches of still water above the soil.  Plant in containers with topsoil, aquatic planting media or a mixture of both. 

*Fertilize with lilytabs during the season.

*Shipped March to May only. 

*Best planted in our large planting container. 

*Size are based on height above the soil, Small:  18 to 24 inches; Medium:  24 to 48 inches; Large:  4 to 7 feet. 

Lotus may not be shipped to: CA, HI, MT, OR, WA, or WY