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Bermuda All in One, filter, pump, uv light, foutain & decorative lights

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Bermuda MultiPump w/ Pump, UV and Triple Light Set

All-In-One Pump, Filter, UV and LED lights

The Bermuda MultiPump is an all-in-one submersible kit that combines a pump, filter, fountain head, UV Clarifier and lights! LED lighting included for enhanced night time pond viewing. The three lights change through a variety of bright colors on a cycle.

  • Pump, filter, and UV combined
  • Cycling color changing LED lighting included
  • Built in 11 Watt UV clarifier to tackle green water
  • Mechanical & Biological filtration
  • Adjustable riser stem with bell jet or fountain head

Lights will cycle through colors and are not controllable


525 gph pump

45 watts 

11 watt uv bulb

4.5 watt LED lights

For ponds up to 1,000 gallons