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Sunfire Hardy Waterlily

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Expected release date is 16th Apr 2024

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Nymphaea 'Sunfire'

Hybridized by Mike Giles in 2004, Sunfire is a prolific bloomer that can vary from shocking deep red-pink with orange center petals to hot red-pink with yellow center petals ore even almost all yellow ore even almost white!!
br>Factors contributing to the variation in color include, the season, soil, fertilizer, sun, climate, water or even its mood that day. Sunfire will preform best in moderately fertile conditions and should not be over fertilized. Just enough to keep it green and growing and no more or it will get big and leafy and not bloom well. The flowers will be huge and fantastic but the flower to leaf ratio goes way down. It is a medium size lily but can be confined in a small pot and it will still bloom great. Since it does well in cramped low fertility conditions, novice as well as the experienced water gardener will enjoy!! Sunfire is an excellent bloomer that starts early and blooms non-stop until most other lilies have long ago given up for the year. The color doesn't fade late in the season like all other hardies and tropicals, in fact it may even improve. The flowers tend to open more fully in the fall so you will enjoy Sunfire late into the season!! To quote Mike Giles the hybridizer, "Even with all of the incredible waterlilies I am surrounded by, Sunfire is still one of my all time favorites."

Flower color: generally hot red-pink with yellow center petals but hightly variable
Flower size: 5-8"
Overall spread: 4-6'
Leaf size: 5-7"
Rhizome: Marliac-Odorata
Light: Full sun

Container: Medium
Plant Patent Applied For N. Sunfire.

MAY NOT be shipped to: CA,MT,OR,WA or WY