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Bog Plants

Spectacular Bogs

*Bog plants or shallow water plants like "damp feet"

*Plant so that the soil is always wet to no more than 6" of water over the container

*Best practice is to plant at minimum water depth until established and then lower to therir maximum depth if desired

*Some varities are surface covering, they spread horizontally on the water surface and others grow vertically anywhere from 12 inches to 7 feet 

*There are hardy and tropical varities, shade lovers and sun seekers

*Most tropical bogs may be overwintered by bringing inside to a sunny room, keep soil moist, and enjoy as a housplant from just prior to frost in the fall till water tempertures return to 60 degrees in the summer.

*Great to plant around the edge of your pond to soften the ponds edge and/or hide tubing & electical cords.

We may not ship any plants to the following states: CA, MT, OR, WA, WY or UT.  In addition some varities may not be shipped to additional states as noted.