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Here at Lilypons we offer a wide variety of services from Pond cleanings to Pond Maintenance to Pond restorations and building brand new ponds! We only service customers within 45 miles from the store

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Pond cleanings:

One of our experienced technicians will safely move your fish to a temporary holding tank, prune and fertilize your plants, drain the water to an area specified by you, hose down the sides of your pond, vacuum the bottom of the pond, fill pond water to a level that is safe for the fish and plants, treat the water based on the entire pond volume, safely return the fish and plants to the pond. The minimum cleaning fee is $500 for ponds up to 50 sq ft.


 Pond Maintenance:

Once your pond is professionally cleaned, our technicians can provide ongoing maintenance leaving nothing for you to do but enjoy your pond. This visit includes an inspection of the pump and filter system, cleaning of the filter pads, adding Ponsparkle, pruning and fertilizing plants, and skimming out surface debris. The minimum fee for a maintenance visit is $275 for ponds up to 50 sq ft.


Pond Restorations and New designs:

Have an old pond at the end of it's lifecycle or have a vision for a new pond? Lilypons is happy to send an experienced technician to visit you, listen to your ideas, create a plan, and execute it. Richard Koogle and Robert Melby are available to help you reach your goals!

Contact Richard Koogle and Robert Melby to discuss your vision, get a free estimate, and turn your dreams into a reality!

For more information, email: or call: (301)-874-5133