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2023 resolution...create an oasis to come home to:)

2023 resolution...create an oasis to come home to:)

Posted by Misspons on 20th Dec 2022

You deserve it!  After a long day at work, to come home to a tranquil oasis, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage and meditate. Well...we're here to make that dream a reality:)

So start planning now!  What's your dream water garden..maybe it is a container on your patio, deck or tucked in your landscape, maybe it's a small intimate pond or perhaps it's your entire backyard!!!

One of my favorites, is the pond of Eylse DeVries of Ellicott City, shown.

Look thru our site for ideas, visit botanical gardens, ask friends, think about the oasis you'd like to come home to.  Then give us a call and we'll walk you thru what you need to do to make it reality or if you live in a 45 mile radius, we can create it for you:)