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Mother's Day Special--- Local pick up only-- 8 to 10 Koi & Butterfly Koi-- $80 Each

Mother's Day Special--- Local pick up only-- 8 to 10 Koi & Butterfly Koi-- $80 Each

Posted by misspons on 13th May 2023

This Mother's Day, add koi to her pond.  Beautifully colored and may be tamed to eat from your hand. 

We recommend at least 10 gallons of water per inch of Koi fish.  So for an 8 to 10 koi, you'll need 100 gallons of water for each fish.

If you currently have fish in your pond and are adding koi or any other fish to your pond, we recommend that you add broad spectrum to your pond. Why?  Because, all fish carry parasites and once you introduce the new fish, though both may be healthy, they can make each other sick.  Also, make sure to remove chlorine and other additives from city water prior to adding fish.  Once you arrive home with your fish, allow them to float on the water in the bag they are in for 10 to 15 minutes to adjust to the water temperature of your pond.

Feed your koi once or twice a day as much as they will eat in about 5 to 10 minutes.  When you go on vacation, you may feed them with Tetra vacation food or use an automatic fish feeder.  

You may supplement your koi's diet by also feeding them, frozen peas, shredded lettuce, watermelon and/or oranges. Supplementing your koi's diet with fruits and vegetables may reduce their interest in eating your plants.

Also, consider planting your plants with aquatic planting media.  The aquatic planting media does not harm your koi, however, they do not like the taste of it and are thus less likely to disturb your plants. Also, you might want to use larger river stones over the soil or media instead of pea gravel.  The river stones are heavier and not as easily moved by your koi.

Protect your koi from predators with a koi kastle.  Small koi kastles are due in stock this week and larger koi kastles should arrive by month end.  You may preorder. 

If you have koi in your pond, we highly recommend an adequate filtration system complete with a UV light.  Also, supplement your filtration system with an aeration kit, which adds additional oxygen for your koi, and run it year round. 

Having a waterfall and/or fountain is also recommended.  The water reaching up into the atmosphere brings additional oxygen to your pond. 

Submerged plants and floating plants also add coverage and oxygen to your pond.  

You get the point, Koi need lots of oxygen, no such thing as too much for them!  Enjoy!!!