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EasyPro Black Waterfall Foam

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This is a convenient black colored foam that bonds to most construction materials. This formulation is closed cell and will not age, harden or shrink. It is perfect for filling and sealing holes, gaps and voids in outside applications.

Expands to Fill Joints
Easy Application...Simply shake, point and fill.
Multi-Purpose...Use for a variety of applications.
Durable...Resists solvents, water and weather.

1/4 inch bead = 2,300 linear feet
3/8 inch bead = 1,025 linear feet
1/2 inch bead = 575 linear feet
*Results may vary upon use, temperature and ambient conditions.

For Best Results:
Wear protective gloves, goggles and work clothes during use. Use with adequate ventilation or certified respiratory protection.
Use between 65 and 101 F. Clean grease and oil off surfaces to be foamed. Cover surrounding surfaces.
With valve end of can down slowly press trigger to dispense foam. Test on experimental surface.
Fill cavity only 40% with foam to allow expansion. For cavities greater than 3 inches in diameter, moisten substrate before applying.
Dries tack free in 20 minutes and cures in 24 hours. Do not disturbed uncured foam.
Cured foam can be trimmed or sanded. Cured foam exposed to sunlight must be covered with paint or stain.
Store upright in cool, dry area. Leave nozzle on can. To reuse, cut 3/4" off nozzle tip. Use remainder of can within 30 days.
Contents: diphenylmethane 4, 4"-disocyanate, dimethyl ether and propane/ butane.

SDS Sheet

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