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Pondmaster Rigid Pre-Filter for Mag Drive Pumps

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Rigid Pre-Filter for 250-700 Pumps

Reduces maintenance by eliminating foam from the intake of Ponpumps 250-700!
Black, rigid, plastic intake screen designed to protect pump intake/ impeller from larger debris. Fits snugly (without tools) to intake of Ponpumps 250 thru 700 sizes.


Rigid Pre-Filter for 950-3600 Pumps

Designed to keep the pump intake free of debris longer than foam type pre-filters, thereby reducing maintenance.
Made of black colored plastic. This item requires no tools!
Max. Dimensions: 5-1/2" long x 4" diameter
Note: Lightwieght filtration media may be added inside this
pre-filter though this may increase maintenance frequency.