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Pondmaster Waterfall/Skimmer Pump

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Pondmaster Waterfall Pumps are designed primarily for use in surface skimmers, it is also a powerful, efficient, and fully magnetic-driven filtration pump with solids-handling capability. Designed for continuous operation, this fish-safe pump includes an extra-large clog-resistant filter screen that can be removed for cleaning or impeller replacement, a back-flow check valve, a 1" barbed hose connection, and other fittings for use with 1" ID tubing/ piping. Tubing and clamps are required and sold separately. A Mesh pump protector bag is recommended and sold separately. 

Model 2000 GPH 1ft - 2,000/ GPH 3ft - 1,350/ GPH 5ft - 1,100/ GPH 9ft - 750, Max height: 14ft, Outlet Tubing: 1-1/2", Amps/ Watts: 1.8/ 150

Model 3000 GPH 1ft - 3,000/ GPH 3ft - 1,850/ GPH 5ft - 1,650/ GPH 9ft - 1,250, Max height: 15ft, Outlet Tubing: 1-1/2", Amps/ Watts: 2.1/ 235