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Basic Pump Protector

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Lilypons Basic Pump Protector

The "original" Pump Protector is still the most economically effective way to reducesubmerged pump maintenance!This basic plastic mesh pump protector was designed by and built here at Lilypons and has remained a top seller for many years. Easy to use - simply place your pump inside, run the power cord and tubing out of the open end, close the sides and secure with the included twist ties - that's it. This is not a filter - it is designed to limit or prevent large debris from clogging the pump intake, thereby minimalizing pump maintenance. Available in two sizes. 

Made of fish-safe, rigid,black plastic-1/4" mesh.
Overall dimensions:

Basic Pump Protector:  13" x 7" x 9"

Mini Pump Protector:  8" x 5" x 7"